Our Vehicles

A S International owna 33 vehicles and also have 120 dedicated vehicles to facilitate our prestigious clients. Following are the details of our vehicles with categories and their specifications.


We have our own tracker database system to track each and every vehicle of ours. It also provides ease to our clients, as we share the particular vehicles ID to the client for tracking their shipments.

Containerize Vehicles:

These vehicles often used for carrying import & export containers. For 20 feet containers, we use 6 wheeler and 10 wheeler vehicles. These vehicles are fit enough to transport the load upto 30 tons all across Pakistan. We have 9 vehicles for 20 feet containers. 18 wheeler and 22 wheeler vehicles are used for carrying 40/45 feet containers and we are pioneers of 45 feet container vehicles in Pakistan.

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Project Cargo Vehicles:

Our project cargo vehicles are capable of carrying the load of 1 ton to 130 tons. Irrespect of length, height and width, we can deliver your goods to your desired We have 6 lowbed, 13 semi lowbed and 1 multi excel (unlimited length and wheels) vehicles.

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Flatbed Vehicles:

These are 14, 18 and 22 wheeler vehicles. Used for the transportation of sacked goods, such as cement, urea, rice, grains etc. We are specialist in transporting cement, urea and soybeans by these type of vehicles. We have 4 vehicles of 14 wheelers, 7 vehicles of 18 wheelers and 26 vehicles of 22

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Half Body Vehicles:

These vehicles often used for delivering lose materials such as; coal, stones, crush, jaysam, imported soil, bul cargo etc. These are 10 and 22 wheeler vehicles. We have 6, 10 wheeler vehicles and 10, 22 wheeler vehicles.

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In all, we own 33 vehicles have 120 dedicated vehicles to facilitate our prestigious clients.